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HR-chefens svar: Oticon A/S

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Rekruttering på sociale medier

Hvordan kan man bedst bruge Facebook, LinkedIn og andre sociale medier til at komme i kontakt med jer?
We encourage you to contact our recruiters on LinkedIn if you have any questions in relation to job and career at Oticon. Also don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn and like us on facebook for information about our company, culture and the more than 130 vancancies we post every year.
Læser I en ansøgers profil på Facebook eller LinkedIn, eller googler I dem?
We always look at our applicants on LinkedIn, so make sure your profile is up to date.

Uopfordrede ansøgninger

Hvad er vigtigt, når man søger uopfordret hos jer?
We do not accept unsolicited applications. Whenever we have a need for a new employee, we post the position for everyone to consider. We think that is the fair way of doing it.


Hvordan bygger man bedst et godt CV op, når man er nyuddannet og ikke har så meget erhvervserfaring?
Make sure you write about the courses you have followed and what you have gained from them. Also write about test results and in depth about your BA & MA projects.
Hvilke fejl begår kandidater ofte i et CV?
Often people forget to elaborate on their experience. They only write a title and a time period. That does not give us a clue what they have actually been doing.
Hvordan tackler man bedst et hul i sit CV?
Be honest! - We will ask you about gaps in your CV anyway during the interview and we do not like to uncover that you have tried to hide something. If you have a good explanation for any gaps, that is totally fair and will not affect our judgement.


Hvor meget af jeres rekruttering foregår via netværk?
We always post all of our vacancies on our webpage ( LinkedIn and job boards like jobindex. In this way everybody has an opportunity to apply. Off course we also use our network, but never without also allowing other good candidates to apply.


Hvordan kan kandidater forberede sig bedst til en jobsamtale?
Make sure you have considered your strenghts and weaknesses before you come to the interview - and be ready to come up with actual examples from your everyday life that support your claims. Show it, don't tell it. Also be prepared to tell us about yourself as part of a team, how you contribute, what motivates/demotivates you, expectations to colleagues, your boss etc. Don't be afraid to show us your personality - we also want a good colleague, not just a set of professional skills.
Hvordan bruger I tests i forbindelse med samtalen?
We normally don't use tests when we hire graduates straight from school. When we use tests we do not consider the result the whole truth about a candidate. We use it as a way of facilitating the dialogue allowing us to quickly approach areas of personal behaviour and preference. It is your answers and the good examples of your behaviour that matters most to us.
Hvordan kan man som nyuddannet forhandle løn, ferier, frynsegoder og efteruddannelse?
As a general rule all graduates are hired on the same terms and conditions in accordance with the recommendations from IDA (Engineers). We are always open for wishes in relation to further education, courses etc. - no matter if you come straight from school or have been in the game for many years.


Hvad kan man som ny medarbejder selv gøre for at få en god start i jeres virksomhed?
We have a highly structured introduction program set up for all new employees. You will tour all the different departments and meet colleagues from all areas of expertise. Furthermore we appoint a mentor to all new employees. This person introduces you to your tasks and helps you build a strong social/professional network. Thus, you only have to meet us with an open mind and be ready to learn about Oticon and actively seek to create a good, fruitful network in the organization.
Hvad gør I for, at medarbejdere med små børn kan få en karriere hos jer til at hænge sammen med familielivet?
We have a rule of "core business hours", meaning that we only expect you to be available in your department from 9 AM to 3 PM. If you have to pick up the kids, you have plenty of time to do that from 3 PM. Then you can either come in a couple of hours earlier in the morning or work when the kids have been put to sleep. This gives you a lot of flexibility.


Hvad skal en god ansøgning indeholde, og hvor lang skal den være?
It should contain the following: 1) A good motivation for why you want this particular job in Oticon 2) How can you use your experience to solve the tasks in the job - why should we pick you. (Don't just repeat your CV but try to connect your experiences to the particular job) 3) Who are you as a person? The application should be no more than a single A4-page - letter size 11.
Hvilke fejl begår kandidater ofte i en ansøgning?
The worst mistake is thinking in volume rather than quality i.e. making one standardized application and sending it out to 200 companies. It does not work! Instead you should send 2-3 a week and take the time to target it very carefully.

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