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Rekruttering på sociale medier

Hvordan kan man bedst bruge Facebook, LinkedIn og andre sociale medier til at komme i kontakt med jer?
If you want to apply for a job, unsolicited, full-time or student job, then you apply via
Læser I en ansøgers profil på Facebook eller LinkedIn, eller googler I dem?
Sometimes we use LinkedIn to search for candidates and when we look to hire we always visit the candidate’s profiles on LinkedIn.

Uopfordrede ansøgninger

Hvad skal en god, uopfordret ansøgning indeholde?
An unsolicited application should be as clear and precise as possible, in particular when emphasizing the candidate’s competencies. It is quite okay that the application is wide and has different aspects as it is unsolicited, but at the same time it should be possible to get an overview fast.


Hvordan bygger man bedst et godt CV op, når man er nyuddannet og ikke har så meget erhvervserfaring?
Keep it simple. Do not write more than you need. Again, mention what is important and relevant. It's not that relevant that you have passed elementary school if you have a master degree. It’s alright to be new as everyone is starting somewhere.
Hvilke fejl begår kandidater ofte i et CV?
Basically, I think that CVs we are receiving are pretty good. Sometimes, however, we see CVs where applicants exaggerate their skills - or try to appear more experienced than they are. It is a bit of a shame. Few people has been a CEO at age 18.
Hvordan tackler man bedst et hul i sit CV?
Be honest. Just write what you actually have been doing, and what you got out of it. If you have traveled around the world, you might have learned something about people?


Hvor meget af jeres rekruttering foregår via netværk?
All positions are published externally and many of our employees 'share' them with their network. We do not measure how many applications we receive via network - but my guess is that it's a large part.
Hvordan bruger I virksomhedens eget netværk, når I rekrutterer nye medarbejdere?
Many of our employees are on LinkedIn and follow our page there where they also share the jobs.


Hvordan kan kandidater forberede sig bedst til en jobsamtale?
It is important to know the company where you are applying for a job. And then you have to clear on what you expect from the job. The best job interviews are based on a honest conversation where you look both at what is good and what is hard, both for the company and for you as an applicant.
Hvordan bruger I tests i forbindelse med samtalen?
Prior to the second job interview the candidate fills a test - or a profile as it is also called. At the interview, the candidate can comment and give feedback on the test - and we can challenge the candidate on what the test shows.
Hvordan kan man som nyuddannet forhandle løn, ferier, frynsegoder og efteruddannelse?
We have a standard policy for holiday etc.


Hvad kan man som ny medarbejder selv gøre for at få en god start i jeres virksomhed?
Just get into it and remember that the learning curve is steep. But it will be fun!
Hvad gør I for, at medarbejdere med små børn kan få en karriere hos jer til at hænge sammen med familielivet?
We have flexible working hours. Many of our employees have family, children, sports and so on. There must always be room for having a life outside the job. And we are successful in managing that. Among other things, we have a few elite athletes employed.


Hvad skal en god ansøgning indeholde, og hvor lang skal den være?
All important data - how do we reach you? Short and precise overview of the employment and competences And then a paragraph about why we should choose you - what can you contribute with?
Hvilke fejl begår kandidater ofte i en ansøgning?
Candidates who recently have graduated often make the mistake that they write a too long application and elaborate on their recently completed thesis. It is important to be able to explain clearly and precisely what you have studied, but especially how this can be used in practice.

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FOSS develops rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine testing to allow for fast decisions on how to maximise value of production of agricultural food products.
Foss Álle 1, Postboks 260
3400 Hillerød
FOSS is managed from Hillerød, Denmark where also the newly built FOSS Innovation Centre is located. Globally we are more than 1400 people and a third of us works in Denmark. Around 200 people are working in Product Innovation and a third of them works with Software.

Our analytical instruments are marketed and sold through a global network of sales subsidiaries in 28 countries and by more than 85 dedicated distributors spread over Europe, North, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


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